About Us

What Makes Us Tick

A company is nothing without its people. And people are nothing without passion. These are the passions we hold true and dear.

Great Storytelling

In a world surrounded by humans, there are stories in each and every one of us. The collective of those experiences must be front and center in everything we do. We are first and foremost storytellers, and everyone that works for us or with us must have that innate, driven passion to tell a great story. Building characters that are living, breathing, and evolving is a top priority for our team.

Immersive Worlds

Good stories have meaningful, relatable characters. Great stories have those characters set against a backdrop of a world, fictional or non-fictional, that compliments those characters and allows them to grow, expand, and stay in motion with those surroundings. It’s the difference between good and great.

Who Inspires Us

Our biggest inspirations come from various sources throughout the world and our time in it. Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Anne Rice

Anne Rice is undoubtedly one of the most influential authors of our time. The immersiveness of her work, the way she built the world around her characters, the details, the experience, and the journey the readers are taken on through her work, is absolutely astonishing. 

From Anne, we learned to put the reader into the story and to always remember the audience and how they will experience what you are writing. We sit in the reader’s seat, and we experience the story from that point of view first. That’s classic Anne Rice, and we intend to continue to formulate those experiences in our method of storytelling, be it for the written word, the moving pictures, or the immersive worlds we create.

Richard Garriott

If we had to say who sparked our love of games, we would have to say, Richard Garriott. Richard, better known as Lord British to the world, designed, developed, and published the very first Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) and literally coined that phrase—massively multiplayer online. That game was Ultima Online, which had an impressive seven single-player storied game series called Ultima.

has ever been able to duplicate, and many do try. And that thing, that magical thing, that UO has is the ability to allow players to be ANYTHING they wanted to. The framework was there, the sandbox was built, and all players had to do was dive in.

George Lucas

To say that George Lucas is a great storyteller is a huge understatement. He created one of the most prolific, beloved, and cherished franchises of all time, Star Wars. The story of Indiana Jones has directly influenced our founder’s career as it was the catalyst by which she became an Egyptologist, garnishing a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago on the topic. 

Star Wars is featured consistently as a storyline that we endeavor to continue to contribute to through video games, short stories, comics, films, and more. The sheer magnitude of that world is both impressive and historic. From George, we learned that consistency and continuity matter, as well as establishing a vast, deep, rich world in which those characters live is just as equally important. The planets, the spaceships, and the cities have all become “characters” within themselves. There isn’t a single person that doesn’t know both Luke Skywalker and the Millennium Falcon.

Where We See Ourselves

We see ourselves interjecting into any and all new and existing storylines—characters and worlds—that need professional storytellers to assist game development studios in building immersive games that deliver a total player experience.

Award Winning Storytellers

Work with passionate, dedicated Academy, Emmy, Golden Globe, Grammy, and Tony award-winning writers, composers, producers, and directors that can bring your stories to life. We want to bring the BEST TALENT available in the film and TV industries to the gaming world to reimagine how we develop video games and tell stories in a virtual world.

Imagine a Multiverse of Delivery Methods

The future is here. With companies focusing on delivering the most interactive experiences ever seen through a virtual world, gaming has to evolve and so does the film & TV industry. Using the metaverse, players can enjoy real interactions with their friends, meet new friends, experience movies and TV shows, and enjoy a complete realization of the future. Our goals are to dive into the metaverse world as a delivery method for our stories, content, games, and more.

When Does It Start

There is no better time to start than right now! We are actively seeking to pair up great storytellers with amazing gaming studios.

Looking to impact the gaming industry in a new unique way?

If you are a storyteller, artist, writer, screenwriter, producer, director, or actor, we want to hear from you. We will work to place you with a video game developer so that together you can shape the new world of video games, whether that’s in a single-player, multiplayer, or massively multiplayer online game. It is time to change both industries and provide access to talent where it is most needed.

Is your studio in need of talented, award-winning storytellers for your video game projects?

We help studios combine their technical talent with award-winning storytellers in the film & TV industry. From Oscar-winning screenwriters to Emmy-winning TV series showrunners, to Grammy-winning musical geniuses, your next amazing story is here.

Are you a student looking to be mentored in the game development or storytelling fields?

We want to do more than just marry great talent with great talent, we want to develop and foster NEW talent. Students in high school, college, and more are in need of real-world writers, composers, directors, and more to lean on throughout their careers. We are INVESTING in the future we want to see become a reality with mentorships, internships, and freeships (freelancers hired for specific projects).

In our own endeavors to tell stories, we will be employing all sorts of your talent across the world to help us realize indie games, short films, feature films, comic books, novels, and soundtracks. This empowers young talent to start filling out their resumes and earn credits as video game designers, developers, or film/TV artists. Check our CAREERS page for more information.

How We Do What We Do

We’re small enough to be personal and provide individualized plans for our artists in their pursuit of employment within the gaming industry. We rely on exclusivity contracts from game development studios seeking to employ award-winners on their teams to assist in the creative development of characters and worlds.

Talent Placement

For existing professionals, we work directly with talent agents that can place you into the creative teams at high-grade AAA+ gaming studios like Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Amazon Game Studios, BioWare, and more.

We carve our exclusive contracts for our talent in where they see 80% of the profits, while we keep 20%. Our share is split with our agents and then thrown into our in-house projects that help to develop new emerging talent. The percentage can be negotiated if you are willing to help our young talent as mentors/coaches.

Talent Sourcing

If your studio is looking to hire a very specific talented writer, producer, composer, director, or more, we actively send our talent agents to negotiate on your behalf with the agents of your preferred talent. We also actively scour the internet, industry-specific locations, and colleges/universities to bring you the best in existing or upcoming storytelling talent.

Talent Development

As we mentioned above, we are currently involved in several in-house projects that help new and emerging storytellers develop their craft into professional artists. We fund these projects with the income we generate in our profit-sharing model.