What We Do

We built our company on the dreams that we had to make the next great video game. When we first started out, however, the costs that are associated with starting up such a dream were astronomical. In the late 90s, video games were exclusively only developed and published by large companies with a wealth of investment money… it was unattainable. But dreams shouldn’t be. So, we set out to make them more attainable for everyone that comes after us. If we cannot make a dent in the universe we dream to impact, why even bother?

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”

~ Steve Jobs

Custom Game Development

The world of gaming has evolved. No longer is video game content locked behind the walls of large development studios and conglomerate publishing houses. You too can develop a custom game with art, technology, story, and depth that will engage and enthrall enthusiastic players across the globe. Publish your game directly to Apple and Android stores or self-publish your own titles with help from our team of knowledgeable industry experts and professionals that can guide you through the process of getting your passion project out to the world.

Game Story Development

You have an excellent idea for a game that can be played on either PC, mobile, or directly on the web. GREAT! But games are much more than just a streamlined user interface and flashy graphics; they must tell a compelling story. Story development for games is much like story development for a feature film. It requires a synopsis, character development, a beginning, a middle, and an end, and it must engage viewers, or in our case, players. But games are different storytelling vehicles in the fact that players are often presented with choices that they must make as they play through the storyline. This is where we can help astute screenwriters and storytellers that have worked in this industry for decades.

Gaming Career Development

So many of our community members are in high school or looking at colleges, trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Game Development as a career used to be a taboo subject for parents, but today it’s a billion-dollar industry that is growing each and every day as technological advances are made. There is no better time than the present to explore the options that gaming has for so many people trying to break into the industry. TLP provides access to mentors, coaches, and even ways to become part of the Twitch Student Program.

Film Development

No one ever thinks of filmmaking and video games in the same sentence, but in fact, they are intrinsically intertwined. For years now we have been writing scripts, managing full productions, building practical sets, working with directors and producers, being involved in the casting process, working with motion capture teams, selecting music and sounds, and launching full “movie quality” videos that gamers see in between storyline phases within the video games themselves and also for video game trailers. We want to be able to expand beyond the niche we’ve been working on for years and develop films and television shows with Netflix, YouTube Originals, and Prime Originals.

Community Management

Games have a way of developing a community of players, and no one does that better than us here at TLP. It’s how we got started! But to successfully build a community, you need a team of people that know how to attract, engage, and retain players. TLP has built a community of over 4,400 players across the world centered around the MMORPG and MOBA genres of gameplay and has successfully attracted new gamers, continuously engages with its member base, and retains players even during dry spells when games have not been released or developed. We can do the same for your community with our team of experts that specialize in social media management, Discord setup, configuration, and management, and event planning and hosting.