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Custom Game Development

Go on the journey of creating your own video game with us in the co-pilot seat! We will help you polish your ideas, copyright and trademark them, and publish them.

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Game Story Development

Video games need immersive stories and characters that capture the interest of the players that play them. We help you develop those stories and characters into massive, rich worlds.

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Gaming Career Development

Many kids of yesteryears have had the challenge of breaking into the game development world. But now those kids have grown up and its up to us to proliferate what we’ve learned to the newer generations.

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Film Development

Got a great game already? Need cut scenes or trailers filmed, edited, and publshed? Look no further. We can help! Every game these days needs filmmaking talent to develop premier trailers and cut scenes that move a story forward.

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Creating Worlds

It\'s harder than it looks, but with the help and assistance of seasoned professionals you too can lauch your game and tell your story in your own world with your own characters.

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Stepping Into Full Filmmaking By Celebrating the Genius of Star Wars

There are so many varying opinions about the state of Star Wars today, especially after the aquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney. But the genius of George Lucas still stands behind every single fan that has loved this franchise. We felt the Skywalker Saga wasn't a story that needed an ending, like ever. So we've wanted to venture into the world of filmmaking by continuing the Skywalker Saga as a fan film project and keep celebrating the brilliance of George Lucas.